5 Simple Summer Meals

organic fruit and vegetables at grocery store

One of our favorite parts of the season is the bounty of Farmer’s Markets. It makes dinner preparation so much easier when you can home with vegetables and fruits bursting with freshness and taste. On the other hand, there are many nights when summer activities are cutting your dinner prep time short and you wish there were just an easier way. In an effort to keep it fresh and simple, we've compiled a list of 5 simple summer meals to help with your dinner plans!

French Country Salad: For a fancy virtual trip to the French countryside, you’ll love this skinny version of a French Country Salad. Tres chic and Tres Yummy! Click here for the recipe.

Skinny French Country Salad

Grilled Peach and Chicken Salad: Another variation on a fresh salad with a healthy protein side, this recipe packs a whole lot of sweet with a little bit of tang! (via The Ann Arbor News)

Attention peach lovers - here's another great peach recipe to check out that is the perfect for a light dessert - Roasted Honey & Cinnamon Peaches.

peach chicken salad
(Photo: The Ann Arbor News)

Fresh and Healthy Lettuce Wraps: If you're up for cooking something a little more exotic, these little wraps will really fit the bill. They are so fresh, colorful and tasty! (via Foodtastic Mom)

lettuce wraps
(Photo: Foodtastic Mom)

Skinny Tilapia Lettuce Wraps: Who says you can only get amazing fish tacos at a restaurant? This delicious twist, prepared with Asian-style slaw, will give you and your family restaurant-style quality wraps in the comfort of your own home!  Get the recipe when you click here! 

tilapia wraps

Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla: For a super-quick yet healthy pantry-based meal, try these scrumptious quesadillas. The diced avocado keeps it summer fresh and fabulous! Click here for the full recipe.

black bean quesadilla


We've got lots of other avocado recipes available. Click here to be directed to them. 

So the next time you feel torn between fresh and fast, give one of these delicious recipes a try. We just know you'll love all of the amazing flavors, as well as the extra time in your schedule.