5 Healthy-Sounding Foods That Have More Sugar Than Candy

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One of the worst feelings to have is finding out your hardcore efforts to eat well are sabotaged by sneaky sugar content. Talk about the betrayal! Well-known candy bars like Snickers and Reese's contain between 18 and 20 grams of sugar per bar. Other candies like Jolly Ranchers (11 grams) and Blow Pops (13 grams) are a bit lower. But you will actively avoid those, knowing they contain too much sugar for what you're trying to accomplish. But you need to be cautious about some of your go-to "health" foods, too.

Energy bars: Don’t be fooled by these. Your favorite energy bar might not be designed for a small boost in the middle of the afternoon, but more so for a run of endurance for an athlete about to work out or take a long run. These bars can have between 13 and 25 grams of sugar. Check your label!


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Granola bars: These go-to snacks seem to be the best solution for untimely hunger pangs or mid-day snacks. However, the process of mass-produced granola bars includes a generous glazing of sugar to sweeten, preserve and glue the ingredients together.

Muffin mix: With all good intentions, you pick up a bag or box of muffin mix, maybe packed with fiber, flax seed oil or whole grain. But if you look at the nutrition label, all is well and good until you see the sugar content. Betty Crocker’s Fiber One muffin mix has 13 grams of sugar per muffin! That’s more than half of your daily limit.

Instant oatmeal: Again, this is one of those quick fixes that ends up doing more harm than good. The fruity flavors seem to be the worst culprits. They contain approximately 10 grams of sugar per packet.


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Fat-free yogurt: Anything that is “fat-free” needs to be examined for sugar content. Many companies will replace the sweet taste from the fat content with artificial sweeteners and more sugar.