5 Foods Naturally Low in Sugar

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There are many foods we consume that you think would not contain a high amount of sugar. For example, dried fruits, flavored yogurts, and granola bars may seem like a healthy option to add to your diet, but actually can do more harm than good due to the high amount of sugar they contain. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, you should consume less than 10 percent (about 50 grams) of sugar a day. However, it can be hard to take in less than 50 grams when some of the foods we love to snack on contain high amounts of sugar. To help solve this problem, here are five foods to keep in mind when choosing a snack to bring to work or at home to hold you over before a meal.

Cranberries and blackberries: Fruit, as we all know, is an important addition to the food pyramid. But not all fruit has low sugar content, so if you are looking to lower the amount of sugar in your diet try out cranberries and blackberries. With about four grams of sugar per cup in raw cranberries and seven grams per cup in blackberries, you can satisfy that sweet craving in no time!


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Cottage cheese: Need a dairy fixture in your diet for the day? Well, not only is cottage cheese a great choice for your balanced diet because of the several essential nutrients it provides, it also has about three grams of sugar per half cup. Not to mention cottage cheese can be used to make a great dessert! Click here to check out these five sugar-free dessert ideas!

Meat: Great for protein and low in carbohydrates, meat maintains healthy muscle and bodily tissues while containing nearly no sugars or starches. This includes turkey, chicken, beef, ham, and pork so there are a variety of options to choose from! Are you a meat lover? Try out our Zesty Italian Meatball Wrap.

Whole nuts: Not a meat lover or would rather stick to something a little more simple for a snack? Whole nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, contain less than five grams of sugar in one cup. They are a great source of protein and perfect for a quick snack. Click here to find out how almonds and walnuts can help lower cholesterol.


Veggies: You have fruit as an option for food with low sugar, so what about vegetables? Well, vegetables such as lettuce, celery, cucumber, and bell peppers all contain less than five grams of sugar. Chop up some vegetables in a cup with some hummus on the side and you have a perfect low-sugar snack!


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