3 Major Health Concerns in Kids and How You Can Help

Unfortunately, health concerns are prominent in children of all ages. Some of these concerns can be prevented if you take the time to talk with your children and educate them as a parent.

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Obesity: As children have entered the age of video games and chatting on social media sites, they have lost the desire to play outside. With the ease of junk food and soda within reach, the combination of the two activities has led to more children being obese than ever before. WebMD states that 42 percent of adults feel that childhood obesity is a major concern. As a parent, you can talk to your child about the proper foods to eat and what to avoid. Don’t take soda in the home, and incorporate fruits and vegetables in the diet. Encourage physical activities by participating with your children.

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Drug Use: This concern has been in the second spot of health concerns for children since 2007, according to WebMD. It is not the marijuana and street drugs that children are doing but the prescription drugs. These drugs are often readily available because parents have them in the medicine cabinet. Children can also get the medications from friends. Over the counter medications are also abused by children. A drug rehab program might be necessary to help the child if the abuse has reached a level of harming the health of the child. Medications should be kept out of reach and in a locked cabinet if possible.

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Bullying: Although this is not something that children do to themselves, it is something that they deal with from other children. About one third of children experience some type of bullying according to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center. This bullying can be as simple as name calling to as detrimental as telling a child he or she should die. There have been reports of suicides related to bullying. Some children enter a state of depression which is a health concern in itself. Talk to your children as well as any other adults who are in the life of your children. This could be teachers or coaches who might know about the bullying and can help stop the acts. If you’re serious in getting involved to put an end to bullying, you should look at a UC applied behavior analysis online certification, which will help you become a behavioral expert and find ways to stop bullying in your community.

Whether it is overeating or dealing with someone else mentally harming your children, there are health concerns that need to be addressed. Educate yourself as much as possible so that you can help with answers if your children come to you.


About Author: Tricia Borren is a mom and a blogger from Beverly Hills.

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