28 Powerhouse Post-Workout Snacks

Do you know what one of the biggest mistakes you're making in your healthy eating and workout game is? One that is definitely keeping you from the results you so often dream of? Eating the appropriate pre- and post-workout foods to fuel your body, rev your metabolism, and keep your body in calorie-burning mode even after you've left the gym. Whether you're not eating enough or you're eating the wrong foods, this is a crucial misstep in your healthy journey. Start making better choices today with the help of this collection of 28 recipes for smart post-workout snacking from Brit+Co.

1. Protein Snack Bites: Don’t be a confused post-workout snacker. We’ve got two words for ya: protein and carbs. These delicious bites have both. That’s all you need to know! (via Andy’s Market)

protein snack bites
(Photo: Andy's Market)

2. Sweet and Spicy Nuts: Nuts are rich in fats. Uh, the good kind. Loaded with heart-healthy fats, nuts are also a great way to boost your intake of essential nutrients such as protein, iron, and vitamin E. (via Pomelo)

sweet and spicy nuts
(Photo: Pomelo)

3. Homemade “Kind” Breakfast Bars: You can throw together this Kind-bar knockoff in 15 minutes tops. Even better, use whatever dried fruits and nuts you have on hand. Or cater to your cravings! (via Foolproof Living)

homemade kind breakfast bars
(Photo: Foolproof Living)

4. Healthy Cookie Dough Bars: Did someone say “healthy cookie dough?” These bars are bursting with wholesome goodies: nuts, dates, peanut butter, and even a bit of dark chocolate. Count us in! (via Untrained Housewife)

healthy cookie dough bars
(Photo: Untrained Housewife)

5. Peanut Butter Protein Snack Mix: The low-cal popcorn and pretzel pieces in this sweet-’n’-salty hybrid means you can go ahead and chow down a few extra handfuls. (via 24 Carrot Live)

peanut butter and pretzel trail mix
(Photo: 24 Carrot Live)

6. Crispy “Popcorn” Edamame: We love us some crunchy munchies. If you’re often tempted by potato chips or other crunchy snacks, try this healthy substitution. (via Thyme Bombe)

popcorn edamame
(Photo: Thyme Bombe)

7. Peanut Butter Protein Balls: What to eat when you need a pick-me-up… ? Protein-packed peanut butter balls. (via Buff Mama Monday)

peanut butter protein balls
(Photo: Buff Mama Monday)

8. Frozen Nutty Banana Nibblers: These banana bites have everything you need to get your body into recovery mode. (via Fitsugar)

frozen nutty banana nibblers
(Photo: Fitsugar)


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