13 Rules of Good Health to Live By

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Sometimes whatever the doctor prescribes won't be the answer to living a good and healthy life. Your health doesn't have a single vein feeding into its tank registering if what goes in is good or bad. It's an overall concept of total mind and body strength and each aspect of your life is a cog in the machine; one faulty piece could crash the whole system. Everyone is different and every body is different. Life is about figuring out what works for you and those you love. In the meantime, here are some general rules to live by that will help you take a step in the right direction toward good health.

Eat right. Now, eating right isn't the same for everyone. You could be vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, cave man, you name it! But think about what you're putting into your body. Ask yourself what purpose it serves. If your answer is that it simply tastes good, that might not be enough. Choose your indulgences wisely because your favorite foods don't have to be full of sugar and carbs.

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Exercise. Okay, maybe you're starting to think you've heard all these tips before. But truly, physical activity is good for more than just staying in shape. Exercise can be an outlet for stress. It can be calming. It can be a place where you do all your thinking. Whatever form it takes, let it become more than just monotonous movement.

Sleep. Food isn't the only thing that fuels you from day to day. You must find time to sleep and sleep well. Splurge on a great mattress and soft-as-satin sheets. You should enjoy crawling into bed and getting enough sleep so that you enjoy getting up in the morning, too.

Make time for your girlfriends. It's important that you take time to de-stress, and oftentimes, your best gal pals are just the ticket. Find support in their company and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship. It's important to know your girls have your back, but it also helps to feel needed. They can't live without you either!

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Do what you love every day. Set aside at least 15 minutes every day to do something that you love. That could be reading, painting, cooking, singing or even taking a long bubble bath. Sure, you adore your kids more than anything or you love your job, but this time is all about you.

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De-clutter your home. All the stuff that piles up in your living space can choke life out of your space. Get rid of everything you don't need (and no, you don't need it all). Make room for new, fresh things that encourage you always seek the good things in life.

Enjoy the sunshine every day if you can. According to Well and Good, vitamin D is essential to your health and you should try to soak in those rays for at least 15 minutes every day. Take every opportunity to spend time in the sunshine. It will make your body, mind and soul feel better.

Quit your bad habits. Your bad habits might be physically harmful, like smoking, but even the seemingly harmless habits are detrimental to your everyday health. Wear a watch so you stop checking your phone every five minutes. Stop using your credit card for those little purchases. Try mating your socks this round of laundry. Whatever you choose, kicking those habits can challenge you to pay attention to the little joys in life and ultimately, you will be happier.

Laugh often. According to WebMD, when you laugh, you stretch muscles in your face and body, you breathe faster, sending more oxygen to your tissues, and your blood pressure and pulse go up. In fact, a hearty laugh sesh can be like a mini workout, which makes your heart rate go up, too. Your body physically responds to laughter in a positive way and it can clear away cobwebs hanging around in your head.

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Drink tea. Try cutting back on the coffee and soda and inserting a steaming cup of tea instead. It's relaxing and can help you calm down, while other caffeinated drinks can add to anxiety and poor health. It also can help relieve allergies and keep your bones healthy. (via Huffington Post)

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Don't overcommit. Yes, you are Super Mom. You juggle so much and can multitask like a pro. But don't be too proud to speak up when you can't handle something. Take on the projects you want to do and learn how to say no to the rest. You'll learn that by doing this, you'll have time for those things that make you happy, whether it's more quality time with the family or alone time with a book. It's important that you keep your sanity so the rest of your life stays in a healthy balance.

Surround yourself with people you love. Make sure the influences in your life are positive ones that challenge you to be better and don't make you feel small. Don't waste time on toxic relationships if they aren't pouring light into your life. Negativity can weigh on you like a bag of bricks and it's important that you shed that weight and focus on the good people who love you.

Set goals and go for them. It's a healthy practice to set your sights down the road and not to always be focused on the ground at your feet. Forward movement is important to your mental health and a healthy environment for you and your family. Be realistic and set goals that work for you, even if it's just to make a new dish this week or to finish a chapter in your book tonight.


Pick out a few of these ideas and think about how you can see them in your own life. Let them inspire you to find the things that keep you going and keep you striving to be healthy and alive. Perhaps you have a few of your own tricks for staying healthy. Take some time to evaluate and write it all down if you have to. Even one small change could be the difference between deterioration and health.

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