13 Pistachio Recipes We’re Drooling Over

Pistachio packs in taste and color that can brighten up any lackluster recipe. The added bonus that pistachio brings to the table is a swarm of nutrients, fiber, protein, and heart-healthy fats. If you are now reaching for the pistachio dish for a quick and healthy snack, great! We are going to take this notable nut one step further and offer you 13 ways to incorporate pistachios in a myriad of mouth-watering recipes to add to your menu.

Skinny Pistachio Baked Halibut: Add some pistachio pizzazz to your boring fish with this recipe that can be used for any fish you may have on hand. The crispy coating made with a pistachio base will make a simple sea-worthy dish sensational.

skinny mom pistachio baked halibut

Skinny Pistachio Cake: If you need a quick and easy dessert option to take to a potluck or use for a family celebration, look no further than your pantry pistachio stash and whip up this sweet and tasty cake that will leave the whole family wanting dessert before dinner.

skinny mom pistachio cake

Chocolate Pistachio Chia Shake: For a portable pistachio option, this pistachio chia shake offers the option to use this recipe as a breakfast on-the-go or as a sweet treat. Packed with chia seeds (another great source of fiber), bananas, and dates, this shake will leave you feeling full and fitting in a fruit serving on the go. (via Half Baked Harvest)

thick and creamy chocolate pistachio shake

Coconut and Chocolate Pistachio Tart: Looking for a gluten-free delectable dessert option? Look no further than this rich coconut and chocolate pistachio tart that can even be served in individual servings or as a full pie. Beware: if you leave this dish unattended long enough, you are likely to come back to a tray of crumbs. (via Apartment 34)

gluten free pistachio dessert

Green Pasta with Pesto and Pistachio: Another option to bring pistachios to the dinner table with this vegan-friendly pasta dish. Hearty enough to leave you full, serve it to guests and they will leave green with envy….we couldn’t resist. (via Examiner)

green pesto and pistachio noodles

Pistachio Stuffed Dates with Coconut: Paleo? Check. Gluten-free? Check. Sweet, savory, and finger-licking good? Check. Check. Check. The combination of flavors in this three-ingredient recipe can be your snack savior when looking for something fast and packed with flavor. (via Whole Living) (photo credit)

stuffed dates with pistachio

Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites:  Another snack on-the-go option and delicious alternative to your boring trail mix, these energy bites are a great make ahead and keep on hand option to have when a sweet tooth strikes or a simple burst of energy is needed to get through the late afternoon. A perfect balance of sweet, crunchy, and filling all rolled into one. (via Gimme Some Oven)

cranberry pistachio energy bites

Peach and Pistachio {Coconut Milk} Ice Cream: Dairy-free and downright delicious, this is an ice cream dish you can feel proud to consume. Fresh flavors chilled to perfection make this a top-of-the-list must make. (via A House in the Hills)

pistachio ice cream

Pistachio Paleo Crepes:  A sweet alternative to pancakes, these crepes meet Paleo guidelines and family taste tests. Put this on your Saturday brunch menu and we have a feeling you'll be making them time and time again. (via Sweet Paleo)

pistachio crepes

Pistachio and Yogurt Covered Grapes: You have likely tried frozen grapes as a sweet snack alternative. While they are yummy, bump that simple snack up to first class and use this Dr. Oz recipe to turn a simple frozen grape into an extravagant bite of deliciousness that is still simple to prepare. (via Dr. Oz)

pistachio covered grapes

Skinny Pistachio Bread: This might be made in a loaf pan, but it’s definitely dessert! Our St. Patrick’s Day bread is sweet and moist with a delightful little crunch from the pistachios, and we can’t even describe how beautiful it is! When you slice this little love open, you’ll reveal the most beautiful green color! It’s a fabulously fun way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day! (via Skinny Mom)

skinny mom st patricks day bread


Roasted Pork Chops With Pistachio-Parsley Pesto Zucchini: An abundance of taste have this dish as a top pick for creating a meal that is packed with pistachio-parsley goodness. The zucchini can be used as a side dish for just about any meal, but paired with this roasted pork chop is a win-win. (via Inspiralized)

pesto roasted pork chops

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