12 Fat-Burning Foods

Wondering which foods will help you burn fat all day long? We've rounded up the top 12 fat burning foods to help you shed the weight!

Avocados: This superfood is filled with healthy fats that trigger your body to quiet hunger. According to Health, they are also packed with fiber and protein, making this creamy food one healthy snack! Take a look at 14 of these delicious avocado hacks.

Avocado sliced in half

Coffee: According to Live Well, coffee is a great anti-oxidant source, which is vital to your exercise recovery and immune health. It also frees fatty acids used during your workouts! Here are some of our favorite coffee recipes.


Salmon: A great source of lean protein filled with omega-3's, this fish makes you feel full without all the unhealthy fats. Try out these skinny salmon burgers for your next meal! Click here for the recipe.

skinny salmon burgers

Dark chocolate: Now this is exciting news! This sweet treat is filled with MUFAs that kickstart your metabolism to burn fat and calories. Nibble on dark chocolate here and there to give yourself this extra boost. Make this yummy dark chocolate no-bake bars recipe to get you started! Click here for recipe.

no bake bars

Grapefruit: This sassy fruit contains a compound that can lower a fat-storage hormone called insulin. It's also 90 percent water and a great source of protein! For an extra boost to your day, sip on this detox water containing grapefruit. Click here for recipe.


Cayenne Pepper: Add this fiery spice to a drink or meal to help burn calories and curb your appetite! Check out some of these DIY spices using cayenne pepper as an ingredient.

Cayenne Pepper

Click below to see more fat-burning foods!

Nuts and seeds: Even though nuts and seeds are high in fat, if you practice portion control, these healthy fats can keep your cravings away and help you reach for better food choices! Try out this recipe for pumpkin pie yogurt with cinnamon roasted walnuts. Click here for the recipe. pumpkin pie yogurt

Greek yogurt: This yummy food is filled with essential nutrients and dietary protein to make you feel fuller for longer. Make sure you choose plain over flavored due to the sugar content! Here are some ways to add greek yogurt into your diet.

greek yogurt
(Photo: Beyond the Olive)

Green Tea: Not only is it hydrating, but the antioxidants in green tea help to increase your fat and calorie burn. Drink a couple of cups a day to get your metabolism working extra fast! Try out this recipe for a delicious green tea lemonade. Click here for the recipe.

green tea lemonade
(Photo: Girl Makes Food)

Vegetables: We can't even narrow it down to a few vegetables, they are so good for you! They are low in calories and filled with essential nutrients for a healthy, weight loss diet. This recipe for baked sweet potatoes stuffed with feta, olives and sundries tomatoes, is a great place to start! Click here for the recipe.

sweet potatoes
(Photo: Gourmande in the Kitchen)


Whole grains: In addition to lowering the risk for heart disease, a diet rich in whole grains fights belly bulge! Here's a whole grain recipe for spicy quinoa crusted chicken. Click here for the recipe.

quinoa crusted chicken

Eggs: These tasty treats carry tons of protein to keep your appetite at bay for hours. Pick out your favorite recipe from our six favorite hardboiled egg recipes.

egg muffin pizzas

So if you've trying to shed some extra pounds, try incorporating these delicious foods into your daily diet for a boost in flavor and a kicked-up metabolism!