11 Mother-Daughter Dates

Instead of giving a gift this Mother's Day, give a "gift" of experience. We can assure you that most moms would much rather spend time with their daughters than opening a gift. Here are 11 ideas for some wonderful Mother-Daughter Dates:


mature mom and adult daughter doing yoga

  1. Mani/Pedi: What mother-daughter doesn't love a little pampering time with the girls? Head out for a mani/pedi together and enjoy each other's company. (Click here to read some helpful information about pedicures before scheduling.)
  2. Movie: Check out the latest Rom-Com titles near you.
  3. Broadway: How often do you treat yourself to a live show? Experience something new with your mom this year.
  4. Re-decorating: Is there a bathroom you both use that tends to be "the girls' bathroom?" Maybe it's her bedroom or the office that needs to be touched up. Go decor shopping and let her help you pick out colors and textiles. You can even do a two-for-one: redo her room and yours. From mixing the paint to applying it, there's tons of time with these projects and it will feel good to accomplish something together.
  5. Get your makeup or hair done and go downtown: Grab a nice dinner after getting dolled up. There's nothing better than a little GNO as a mother-daughter duo!
  6. Take a workout class together: Zumba and Yoga will generally have a wide age range so neither of you will feel embarrassed. In fact, Zumba instructors tend to make events and Zumba-thons around this time for that reason.
  7. Wii Play: Get back in touch with your inner child with your actual kids.
  8. Go somewhere you two haven't been: Whether it's an art exhibit or a zoo exhibit, go somewhere you haven't been. Even if it's a hole in the wall store, restaurant or (if legal) bar, there will be plenty of stories to tell!
  9. Geocaching: Sign up for this free service and start your treasure hunting! Read more here.
  10. A painting class: Again, if they are of legal age you can even grab a drink at these art and wine galleries. Most of them have a predetermined painting and a class schedule. All you do is pick the painting you want, attend that class and go. They have all the supplies you need and it's super fun!
  11. Find a fashion show: Around graduation time, many college's design schools are having their annual fashion shows. This is a great way to check out a university with your older children too!

Looking for something you can purchase for mom? Click here for great ideas on how to spoil her on Mother's Day.