10 Tips to Fight Back Against Spring Allergies

Your eyes are watering uncontrollably, your nose is running like a faucet and sniffling is your new form of breathing. Unless you just wrapped up another viewing of "Marley & Me," it's safe to say allergy season has caught up to you.

We're right there with you. Red nose... check. Red eyes... check. Red with anger... check, check! Try not to let spring allergies get the best of you! Use our top 10 tips to attack your allergies, so you can get out there and enjoy this spring we were hoping for all winter! Brought to you by Boogie Wipes, the number one pick for stuffy noses.

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Know what you are fighting. To fight your allergies, it's best to know exactly what you are taking on! Allergists can perform a simple skin test or blood test to help define exactly what is bringing on all your allergy symptoms! By scratching or pricking the skin with different allergens, doctors can see what you react to and find the best method for treatment!

If you have allergies, keep an eye on your kiddos too! Both environment and genes play a role in allergies, but if both mom and dad suffer from allergies, there is a good chance their kids will face the same fate. So, keep an eye out for allergy symptoms so you can talk to a doctor about the best form of treatment. While a common cold can present a lot of the same symptoms as allergies, a good rule of thumb is looking at how long the symptoms last. Cold symptoms should fade in about a week!

Help your smallest allergy sufferers with products made just for them. Saline sprays can be a little frightening for little ones. Keep it fun with Boogie Mist Gentle Saline Nasal Mist by Boogie Wipes. It gently helps to clear and moisturize their little nasal passages, while the scented "schnozzle" spray nozzle keeps the kids from being intimidated. The spray comes in a fresh scent or grape scent to make it a treatment your kids will appreciate!

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Lay off the hair spray. Spring allergens fill the outdoor air and are just waiting to stick to you, so be sure not to give them any help! Trust us, we understand your attachment to your hairspray, but this time of year, we will do anything to get relief! Hairsprays, mousses and gels can create the perfect sticky environment for pollen to latch onto. Pollen in your hair means no escape from allergens. All. Day. Long.

Slip on some shades. A simple step to shield your eyes and lashes from allergies is slipping into your favorite sunglasses! We'll take any excuse to buy a cute new pair of shades any day of the week, and if they can keep out a little bit of the itching and stinging, all the better!

woman with wet hair drying off after shower

Shower when you come indoors on peak allergy days. Try as you might, pollen will find its way onto you. As much as we hate it, pollen seems to love every little bit of us from our hair to our shoes and any article of clothing you have on in-between. When allergens hit their peak, try hopping into the shower after you come in from the outdoors. Not only will it get that nasty pollen off your skin, you will avoid tracking it all around your house!

Remember that no matter how much you try, spring allergies can become unwelcome guests. No matter how careful you are, spring allergens will find their way into your home. If they aren't coming in on you, they will be tracked in by your kids, your husband, your guests, and your pets! While allergy-proofing your home can be a little impossible, keep things under control by washing your bedding, pajamas, and clothes often. Also, don't forget about your pups! Bath time for pets is a little more necessary this time of year!

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Let steam and spicy foods provide some relief. Help relieve a bit of the pressure on your sinuses with steam and spicy foods. To best let steam work its magic, place boiling water in a bowl and rest a towel over your head to keep the steam near your face. Inhale the steam for 5-10 minutes. Follow up your steam sesh with a spicy dinner. The hotter the better. Spicy foods can help thin all that nasty mucus and help you breathe a little easier!


Use the air you have. If your home's air conditioning unit has a recycle switch, now is the time to use it! By recirculating the air that's already in your home, you can keep from adding more allergens to your safe space! Keep the allergen-filled air where it belongs... outside!


Push off plans. Trees tend to pollenate during the early morning hours keeping pollen counts higher and keeping allergy-suffers stuck indoors. Plan outdoor activities or exercise for evening hours when pollen counts are lower, so the only thing keeping you gasping for breath is your super-intense run!

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