10 Substitutes for Healthy Foods You Hate

Calling all kale haters! Do you despise kale, no matter how hard you try to incorporate the leafy green into your diet? It doesn't matter if you use it in a salad, soup or smoothie, you just cannot get over the taste of the nutritious veggie. But you're committed to eating healthy, and you feel terrible passing up on the nutritious value of kale just because of its taste. Well, fear no more, because Women's Health has 10 substitutes for the healthy foods you hate!


Substitute cauliflower for kale. Even though many superfoods have landed on the scene, it can often seem like kale has nabbed the number one spot. If you’re not into this veggie, you can still get the health-boosting benefits if you sub in some cauliflower. “Both kale and cauliflower are part of the cruciferous vegetable family that contains glucosinolates, which help eliminate disease-causing toxins and control hormones,” says Bontempo. The glucosinolates have sulfur, which is what gives these vegetables their signature smell. “Be careful not to overcook them because that may deplete some of the nutrients,” says Bontempo. “Try sautéing or roasting.”

Substitute shrimp for eggs. Eggs are obviously a breakfast staple (thankfully there are tons of other a.m options if you’re not into ‘em!). When it comes to getting that dose of protein in other ways, turn to shrimp. “Eggs and shrimp are some of the few food sources of choline, which is essential for optimal memory, detoxification of the liver, and nervous system activity,” says Bontempo.

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Substitute nut butter for almonds. It feels like one of those perennial nuggets of health wisdom: Almonds make a great snack. And what if you don’t like them? Nut butters, which can range from cashew to sunflower seed, belong on your list. “They’re milder in flavor, but their protein and healthy fat will help keep you full,” says Bontempo. They’re especially useful if your aversion to almonds comes from a texture issue—no crunch.

Raw Almonds

Substitute turkey for grilled chicken. A grilled chicken breast on your salad every day can get so old, you might forget why you loved it in the first place. Lean turkey to the rescue! “Both of these are very low in fat. Although turkey is often overshadowed by chicken, it’s just as high in protein,” says Bontempo. Even better, it’s versatile, too. “It’s perfect to throw into soups, sandwiches, and salads.”


Substitute blueberries for apples. If you can’t fathom why anyone ever thought to call it a “Red Delicious,” you can still reap some of apples’ health benefits from other sources. Blueberries, for instance, are also a fantastic way to get some of an antioxidant called quercetin. “It improves cardiovascular health and encourages healthy blood flow,” says Bontempo. It also inhibits the enzyme that is key for cortisol release, so it protects your mind and body from the damage stress can do.

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