10 Products to Help with Portion Control

Portion control is key to losing weight, but it can also be tricky to get right depending on what [...]

Portion control is key to losing weight, but it can also be tricky to get right depending on what kind of food you're eating. These products will help make portion control a breeze!

Caloric Cuvee: This handy dandy wine glass is for those who are calorie-conscious, but still like to indulge a little bit. It is marked with convenient two-ounce intervals and tells you how many calories you'll be ingesting! Click here for more information.

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caloric cuvee
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Meal Measure 1 Portion Control: Stop overeating for good with this tool! It fits over your dinner plate and has empty spaces in which you put your food. It takes the guessing out of portion control! Fill the spaces and then lift it off your plate for a clean, controlled presentation. Click here for more info.

meal measure
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Portion Plate: This plate tells you exactly where to put your food, so you can judge how much to eat! Purchase it here.

portion control plate
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Snack-Trax Portion Control Snack Bowl: This snack bowl has subtle frosted lines at the one-third, two-third and one cup marks, so you can tell how much you're eating! Click here for more information. 

portion control snack bowl
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Plate Topper: This takes convenience to a whole new level! Simply place over the food you didn't eat for dinner, stick it in the fridge, take it to work the next day and microwave it for a yummy lunch! Simplifies things a bit, doesn't it? Click here for more info.

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Plate Topper
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Portionmate: These stackable cylinders range from one ounce to one cup and are perfect for measuring your carbs and proteins in! Check out the color-coded tools here.

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Goodbyn Snacks Box: Not only is this perfect for your kid's lunchbox, but you can also take it to work with you! It comes with two compartments that will keep your food separate. The healthy portion sizes will keep your diet on track as well! Check it out here.

Goodbyn Snacks Box
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Slim & Sage Plates: These super cute plates will look like a fashion statement for your dinner table, but these plates can actually reduce your caloric intake by 59 percent! Plus, the design divvies up the plate into quarters for your various food groups. Purchase it here!

Slim and sage plates
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Portionware Dish Set: These plastic dishes range from half a cup to two cups and gradually change colors the larger they get. Plus, they even have fill lines so you know exactly where to fill your food to! Check out the pretty portionware here.

Portionware Dish Set
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Nasco's Food Cards: Not only will these cards help teach you about portion control, but they also have nutrition info and food variety! Take them with you when you go out to eat to decode the menu! Check out more details here.

nasco food cards
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