Craig Morgan Created Old Tattoo Wine Based on His Personal Taste

Craig Morgan is a singer, songwriter, store owner and TV star, and now he can add winemaker to the list! The Tennessee native launched his own limited-edition Old Tattoo wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon, in partnership with Lot18. For Morgan, his inspiration became purely his love of a great glass, especially after a busy day.

"I decided to get involved in wine making completely selfishly," Morgan explains to "I wanted to design a wine that suited my taste at a price point that was reasonable."

Morgan created the robust flavor, with hints of coffee, cocoa, currant, dark cherry, graphite and plum based on his own personal tastes, and diet. The avid hunter and outdoorsman thought about what he would want to drink with his meal, creating his own unique blend of flavors in Old Tattoo.

"The inspiration behind the wine’s flavor is my palate. I wanted to create a wine that was a stand-alone wine that would also pair well with wild game," says Morgan. "My favorite meal with my wine is an elk steak cut from the backstrap cooked medium rare with grilled asparagus."


The name, Old Tattoo, is from one of Morgan's songs. The singer plans on working on more wines in the near future. To purchase Old Tattoo, visit

Morgan and his wife, Karen, opened their own Morgan Farms store earlier this year, which features hand-crafted items, organic honey from Morgan's own beehives, art work and more. The store is located in downtown Dickson, in Tennessee.