Chris Messina Returns for the Final Season of ‘The Mindy Project’

In the final season of Hulu’s The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri is about to get everything she wants and her ex, Danny Castellano will be a part of it — in some way.

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During Thursday’s Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, the show’s star and executive producer, Mindy Kaling announced that actor Chris Messina will reprise his role as Danny for “multiple episodes” during the final season.

But that doesn’t mean the two are set to have a happy ending, at least in the fairytale sense.

TV Line reports that Kaling said the two “aren’t super interested in [tying everything up in a bow.]”

“We’re trying to avoid [that], while also leaving the audience with the sense that [Mindy] had some growth,” she said.

Audiences will recall in the last season that Lahiri tied the knot to boyfriend, Ben (Bryan Goldberg), leaving many to think all is well between the two. But Kaling says the show will also explore the reality of marriage and expectations.

However, the 38-year-old who is a romantic at heart, was quick to share that a “‘Happily ever after can sometimes be romantic happiness, [but it also] can be a feeling of contentment about your life as a professional person and as a mother.”

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Indiewire writes that executive producer Matt Warburton said the one thing the showrunners can promise for audiences regarding the relationship between Mindy and fan favorite, Danny, is the clarity about where the two stand.

“It’s so great to see him back because we’ve always known they're always going to be in each other's lives,” he said. “But it’s great to actually see what that means this season.”

Kaling interjects, “It’s complicated. They’re both married to other people, so we went into that season with all of that, which makes things sort of fun and delicious.”

In addition to Messina returning, Julie Bowen of Modern Family will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the sixth and final season.

The Mindy Project’s final season premieres this September on Hulu.

Photo credit: FOX via Getty Images