WATCH: Kitten and Puppy Are Inseparable Friends

If you have been waiting for the next cute kitten and puppy video, your wait is over. This incredibly adorable video of a kitten's determination to make it to a nearby puppy friend's pen just may be one of the best things you see all day.

At the JoLinn Pet House in Taipei, Taiwan, the puppy and the kitten were in play pens next to each other, but separated by a plastic barrier that prevented them from truly enjoying each other's company.

The JoLinn Pet House posted the video on their Facebook page of the kitten attempting to escape its pen by leaping over the gap in the top of the enclosure, and climbing into the neighboring play pen. While the kitten begins scaling the walls of the enclosure, the puppy is extremely thrilled about the prospect of the kitten coming over from next door. As the kitten is hanging onto the ledge of the puppy's play pen, the puppy nearly knocks it off the wall as they are both overly excited, but don't worry, this story definitely has a happy ending.

"In a way it's really just a spin on the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, except with adorable, fuzzy animals," Mashable noted.

We're just so glad that the JoLinn Pet House allowed this determined kitten to reach her puppy friend in the other neighboring play pen, and that they were able to catch it on video for all of us to enjoy.


To see more cute animal videos, check out JoLinn Pet House's Facebook page.