Violent Brawl On Ryanair Flight Causes Serious Trouble

Sometimes the inflight movie can be a bit boring, but four brawlers aboard a Ryanair flight made sure the passengers had something exciting to watch.

As the plane flew from Brussels to Malta, violence erupted in the cabin. Four men threw punches, lunging at each other as passengers tried desperately to pry them apart. One of them was shirtless, and the others can be seen in camera view.

One passenger filmed the incident, capturing the brawl in all its gritty detail. It quickly became clear the brawl was more than just a scuffle, and when the perpetrators refused to calm down, the pilot was forced to divert the flight to Pisa, where all four involved were arrested.

What would you have done if this happened on your plane?


[ H/T YouTube / Tommy Engerer ]