US Foreign Policy Is Like Ghostbusters, Says Joe Biden

Biden Ghostbusters

As Vice President, Joe Biden doesn't get much time to take in as much pop culture as he would like, but that doesn't mean he won't pull from it time to time for a suitable analogy.

In a recent interview with The Atlantic, he talked about a variety of issues relating to our country, including our stance on foreign policy, the current state of the middle class in America, and the ongoing election. When it came time to talk about our role in other country's affairs and stability, he pointed out just why our help is needed in those times of crisis.

"Look guys, it makes no sense for us not to be involved in Latin America. And the reason is as long as they are unstable you're going to have millions of people heading to this border. Now look, look what happened. Look what we did. This is what I do when I sit down at kitchen tables, which I still do because I go home."

To send the point home, he couldn't help but use a bit of that pop culture magic, comparing the United States in these situations to the Ghostbusters.

"Look what happened with Mexico," Biden told The Atlantic. "Fewer and fewer Mexicans are coming over. Matter of fact, there's a net migration [out of the United States to Mexico]. Why? Mexico is doing better. Isn't there interest for Mexico to be more stable? It helps us. Because, guess what? It's like Ghostbusters, man. When there's a problem anywhere else, call Ghostbusters. We're Ghostbusters; so it makes sense that we are there to help them because it helps us."


It's rather humorous, but it's a rather apt comparison. Plus, isn't there a small part of you that can't wait for the Joe Biden Ghostbusters memes to start circulating? Hopefully the United State's Ghostbusting efforts are a bit more well received than the most recent reboot, otherwise, he'll need to find another analogy pretty soon.