These Pokemon Cards Can Make You A Lot Of Money If You Have Them

pokemon cards

Unless you've been snoozing like a Snorlax, you've probably noticed that Pokemon is all over the news these days. The Japanese franchise has taken the world by storm with their Pokemon GO app, and diehard trainers are swearing by the app's addictiveness. But, let's all remember that this isn't the first time Pokemon has done such a thing. After all, don't you remember the phenomenon that is Pokemon trading cards?

Taking collecting to new heights, Pokemon rolled out a trading card game in 1996 to fans' excitement. Of course, Pokemon cards are still in production today, but long-time collectors might find a few of their pieces are now worth a real pretty penny these days. So, if you own any of these cards, I highly suggest you contact Professional Sports Authenticator immediately.

After all, a verified Espeon Pop Series 5 card could bring an unassuming collector up to $1400. And, if you've got some special starter cards, today could be your lucky day. A first-edition holographic Venasaur card can fetch up to $2500 while Charizard goes for a fiery $4000.

Honestly, you could buy a used car for that kind of cash or bankroll your own international Pokemon GO adventure. And, still, that kind of money is chump change compared to the really rare cards which are so sought after.

If you're in possession of a Pokemon Master's Key Japanese National Champion Prize Card then consider yourself rich. The exclusive card sells for just under $10,000. And, interestingly enough, a Pre-Release Raichu card will rake in that kind of dough as well. However, as only 10 of those misprinted cards were ever printed, you'd be blessed to have it sitting in your old shoebox collection.


But nothing - and I mean nothing - compares to the kind of money you could make off the Pikachu Illustrator card. The so-called 'Holy Grail of Pokemon Cards,' this card was given out to contestants who took part in an illustration contest in '97 and '98. If you happen to have this gem hidden away in excellent condition, this costly card has a suggested retail price of $100,000.

As for your run-of-the-mill catches like Butterfree or Geodude, those regular cards usually cap at $2-3 if you're lucky. What collectors are looking for these days are rare misprints or high-quality exclusives, so if you think you've got any of those hiding amongst your Pidgeys, then they'd be worth looking for.