These 'Evil Dead 4' Ideas Had Sam Raimi Scratching His Own Head


Fans of The Evil Dead franchise have always had the nagging thought...what if there had been a fourth Evil Dead movie? And if there was an Evil Dead 4 film, what would it look like? Director Sam Raimi has finally answered these burning questions in an interview with ScreenRant, and he admits that some of the ideas for the film were beyond strange.

"Ivan and I wrote a lot of different versions of Evil Dead as a feature in the years after Army of Darkness, Raimi stated. "We'd get 20 pages into one draft and realize it was not good, do another five pages a different direction."

Sam Raimi also stated: "Bruce is a documentary filmmaker I remember one of them was, capturing his own journey through life. I remember we wrote one version; we started to write one version of Evil Dead 4…" Then Sam's brother Ivan joined in by adding, "Bruce travels cross country to sell his documentary in a car to explain the importance of his story being told." Sam continues, "No one thought it was a very important story except him."

One of the storylines that the Raimi brothers crafted involved the events after 1992's Army of Darkness. "This take followed two versions of Ash: the one from their original ending set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic England (released in foreign markets) and the present day Ash, who returns to S-Mart relatively unscathed (which was ordered by Universal for Stateside audiences)," ScreenRant explains.

Raimi revealed the alternative version saying, "So we wrote an Evil Dead 4 that followed both realities. We were going to be following two Bruces – one in the future and simultaneously crosscutting to Bruce here in the present. And we realized, we have really lost our mind now and we must stop."

With all of these scrapped ideas, this is how we ended up with Starz's Ash vs. Evil Dead series and the Evil Dead remake.

On October 2, Ash vs. Evil Dead will be returning to Starz.


Do you wish the Raimi brothers had made Evil Dead 4 as a feature length film?