The Rock Shakes It Off For Lip Sync Battle


Even the Rock has to Shake It Off every now and then.

As the Hollywood action star revealed yesterday, he'll be letting off some steam by channeling Taylor Swift's inner wisdom on an upcoming episode of Lip Sync Battle.

In the brief preview, Duane "The Rock" Johnson belts out the graceful lyrics from Swift's hit single from 2014, "Shake It Off."

Lip Sync Battle is a new program coming to SPIKE Television, where celebrities challenge each other to lip-signing contests styled like rap battles. The show originated as a segment on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, before gaining enough popularity (and sweet burns) to stand as its own show. And if the Rock is going to show up for a lyrical smackdown against Jimmy Fallon, that has to be a strong vote of confidence.


Lip Sync Battle premieres April 2nd on SPIKE TV.