The Moment A Cuckolded Penguin Viciously Battles Another Male Over His Wife

A male penguin returned home to reunite with his mate, but when he found another male penguin had stolen his lover, a vicious battle ensued.

The graphic footage was captured by National Geographic and depicts what happens when over 200,000 penguins return to fix up their nests and breed. But when one penguin waddles home, he finds his wife with another.

"He flips out," the narrator says. "The strategy is simple: Battle the homewrecker until he flees."

The male penguins duke it out, stabbing at each other with their beaks and slapping one another with their wings.

"Most birds have hollow bones in their wings, to make them lighter for flight. But penguins don't fly, their flippers contain solid bones," the narrator explains. "They use them like baseball bats to clobber each other, delivering up to eight blows per second."

The horrific battle leaves both penguins covered in blood, and after a grueling duel they reach a stalemate and suddenly stop. Now it's time for the female to decide who she wants to be with: her husband, or the new penguin.

The female walks over to the new penguin, leaving her husband to stand alone.

"Defeated and humiliated," the narrator adds, "he's left out in the cold."


It just goes to show you that humans aren't the only ones who can have relationship drama.

[ H/T Daily Mail ]