Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Are ‘Not In A Good Place’

After reports came in that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna broke off their engagement, we later learned the troubled couple had were apparently fine. Now, however, it seems as though their relationship may that great after all.

Their show, Rob & Chyna, is acting as a wedge between their already-strained relationship, People reports.

(Photo: US Magazine)

"Rob's definitely not in a good place," a Kardashian source tells PEOPLE. "Filming makes Rob uncomfortable and he's still trying to get used to that lifestyle."

Kardashian has struggled with depression in the past, and with Chyna pushing him to be better at filming, his stress level could be rising.

"She pushes on him to try and get better at and be more comfortable with filming, but they're just not in a healthy place," says the source.

One of the problems with being in the public eye is having your entire life constantly scrutinized, and that may exactly what's causing this Hollywood couple's downfall right now.

"It's just difficult when their relationship involves so many other people and personalities," says the source. "It makes things even more dramatic and causes Rob and Chyna to fight a lot more than they already do."


We're still rooting for Kardashian and Chyna and hope they are able to make it through this rough patch.

[ H/T People ]