Police Find Millions Stashed In Buckets At Miami Home

(Photo: Miami-Dade Police Department)

During a search in a Miami area home, the police seized between $10 to $20 million found stashed inside of buckets hidden in the walls of the attic. Not only did the authorities find the large amount of cash, but also the arrest documents of the Miami-Dade Police Department mentioned that the authorities searched the business and home of the suspects under investigation and also found drugs and a gun in the search.

44-year-old Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez and his sister 32-year-old Salma Gonzalez were arrested on Wednesday after being connected to a drug trafficking case, according to CNN.

The money found by the police was in a hidden room accessible only through the attic. Millions of dollars were found tucked into 24 five-gallon buckets hidden behind a section of dry wall.

(Photo: Miami-Dade Police Department)

The authorities also searched the garden equipment business run by Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez. The search "yielded $180,000 in cash and two types of marijuana labeled 'Super Skunk' and 'Chernobyl,'" police informed CNN. Law enforcement then retrieved a secondary search warrant after the initial bust and then found more money around the property hidden in various locations along with "anabolic steroids and a loaded TEC-9 pistol with an extended magazine," according to the arrest documents.


Hernandez-Gonzalez will be facing drug trafficking and money laundering charges while his sister Salma will be facing trafficking and marijuana possession charges. The brother-sister duo were caught after an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency in Tennessee and Florida led the authorities to suspect Luis and Salma were involved with drug trafficking. After a series of planned drug buys and surveillance footage was captured, the authorities obtained warrants leading ultimately to the recent bust.


Attorney for the suspects, Frank Gaviria told CNN affiliate WSVN, "There's a presumption of innocence and at this point, they're connecting the dots that we don't think connect."

The Miami-Dade Police Department mentioned that this last incident was the "largest cash seizure in the department's history."