Planet Earth II Captures Remarkable & Harrowing Iguana Vs. Snake Beach Pursuit

Ten years after the debut of the natural history series Planet Earth opened up the world's eyes to some of the rarest footage of animal behavior ever seen, the sequel has already shocked viewers with one of the most intense life or death chases caught on film.

Planet Earth II, the filmmakers focused on the animals and ecosystems found on islands all over the world. The isolation and disconnect between island life and the rest of the world resulted in unique animals engaged in behaviors not seen anywhere else.

When the show turned its attention to the life cycle of marine iguanas living in the Galapagos islands, viewers saw the trials and tribulations these baby reptiles have to go through in their first moments on earth. Eggs are buried in the sand, and when the newborn iguanas emerge, they make a desperate dash to make it to coastal rocks in hopes of surviving. Unfortunately, it's not just the hot sand they must make it across, they must also deftly avoid an onslaught of racer snakes with a taste for baby iguana.

The footage above displays the death-defying sprint for life the baby iguanas must make and audiences around the world could barely believe the intensity of the pursuit that these animals engage in, whether they make it to the rocks or not.

If the dulcet tones of Sir David Attenborough narrating the ordeal doesn't get your blood pumping enough, you can enjoy the scene with music from Mad Max: Fury Road below!


[H/T Nerdist]