Netflix Is About To Get Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Chances are, if you are at all familiar with the streaming service Crackle, it's thanks to Jerry Seinfeld's original series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. If you're not familiar with Crackle, well, don't worry, because the biggest reason to use it, Jerry Seinfeld's original series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, is coming to Netflix.

The award-winning web series features Jerry Seinfeld taking a plethora of his famous hilarious friends out for a ride in one of his many cars to get coffee. Much like Seinfeld and its premise of being about "nothing," the series is entertaining because you get to see hilarious people hang out as friends and be hilarious together.

The series has featured stars like Alec Baldwin, Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, and many, many more. Even president Barack Obama has gone out for a cup of Joe with the comedian.

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Seinfeld has entered a massive deal with Netflix which will bring all 59 past episodes of the series to the streaming library while also having exclusive rights for any upcoming episodes as well. Currently, there are 24 episodes planned to roll out starting later this year.

In addition to obtaining Seinfeld's series, Netflix will also be getting two original stand-up specials that will be exclusive to the service, with the first debuting at some point this year.

The comedian isn't the first to strike a massive deal with Netflix, as other comedy heavyweights like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock have also signed on to bring exclusive specials to the service.

Netflix's stock is currently the highest it's ever been and will reportedly be spending around $6 billion on original content this year, so it looks like the sky's the limit for the company.


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