Metallica In Final Mixing Stage For Upcoming Album


Metallica is putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album hopefully coming to stores this summer. The band has reached the ending stages of the record's production as they begin final mixing for the project.

The upcoming album will be the first release of new music since 2008's Death Magnetic, and is the longest break between releasing new music since the band's inception back in 1981. From an article posted on Metallica's official website, the author of the post stated, "I managed to corner Lars [Ulrich] and James [Hetfield] at HQ before they locked themselves in the control room with Greg Fidelman to start mixing the new album."

The band has been promising new music for years and this summer could finally mark the end of an eight year wait for fans of the band. According to Metal Injection, Metallica has been recording since at least November of 2015.

Drummer Lars Ulrich told Metal Forces, "The month of June is basically when we're gonna sit down and figure what we're gonna do with it all; what we're gonna call it and what's gonna be on it."

While there has been no set release date, the new album seems to be right on schedule for a summer release. Ulrich also stated, "If the record doesn't come out this year, then it won't be because its' not done. It will be because there's some sort of cosmic reason that it would be smarter to hold on to it until next year. But the record will be done this summer." Hopefully Lars is true to his word, and the album is actually completed on time.


Be on the lookout for new music from Metallica this summer!