Mariah Carey To Guest Star On 'Empire' Season 3

, actress Sierra McClain, and rapper French Montana.Carey has been linked to a guest starring role [...]

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For the upcoming third season of "Empire," pop superstar Mariah Carey is set to take on a guest role on the popular series. The Television Critics Association made the announcement during a press tour on Monday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, according to Variety.

46-year-old Carey will portray a mega-superstar named Kitty who comes to Empire to collaborate with Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) on a popping new song. Kitty will help Jamal to overcome personal problems and reach a musical breakthrough at the time when the duet encounters obstacles during the creative process.

The episode featuring the "We Belong Together" singer Mariah Carey airs on Wednesday, October 5.

Other stars scheduled to make guest appearances for season 3 are actor Taye Diggs, rapper Birdman (who will play himself), actress Sierra McClain, and rapper French Montana.

Carey has been linked to a guest starring role on "Empire" since season 2. Her name repeatedly popped up during the last season, but she was unable to arrange an agreement to appear on the show because of her hectic schedule. Ilene Chaikan, the "Empire" showrunner told Variety at the beginning of season 2 that having Carey guest star would be an "really exciting proposition."

In addition to her guest role on "Empire," Mimi will also be headed to the small screen for her E! reality show called "Mariah's World," set to debut on December 4.

When discussing the idea of a second season for "Mariah's World," the multi-Grammy winning artist stated, "If I'm touring or in the studio and doing that things that are intertwined with my life as a singer, musician, writer and if people that and respond to it, then we should do it." She continued, "If I'm sitting around getting pedicures, then we shouldn't do it...I don't have the relaxing spa day or these other things that are somehow very intriguing to the rest of the world. To me that's boring as hell. But that's just me."

"Empire" returns for the third season on Wednesday, September 21 at 9 p.m.

Do you plan on tuning in to watch Mariah Carey guest star on "Empire" for season 3 of the show on FOX?