Making A Murderer Creators Give Response To Brendan Dassey's Overturned Conviction Appeal

After the creators of the Netflix hit docuseries Making A Murderer won an impressive four awards on Sunday night at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, they weren't celebrating just yet. Both Moira Demos and co-creator Laura Ricciardi were still fighting for justice.

"As many of you know, Brendan Dassey's conviction was overturned, and just last Friday, Wisconsin filed notice of appeal," Moira Demos said to members of the press.

Demos continued, "This is just part of the process. This is justice at work and we will continue to document that. It's a very trying time for all the families involved on both sides to continue to have this unresolved and ongoing, but that's sort of how justice works, so we'll continue to follow it."


A federal judge overturned Dassey's conviction in Teresa Halbach's murder case back in August. In Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, the then 16-year-old was sentenced to 41 years in prison on charges of first-degree intentional homicide, second-degree sexual assault and mutilation of a corpse.

Netflix ordered more episodes of Making A Murderer earlier this summer, and the showrunners will be conducting a more in-depth exploration of the story of convicted murderer Steven Avery, and his co-defendant Dassey, according to Variety. The state will fight to have both Dassey and Avery's convictions upheld while both the investigative and legal teams for the defendants will challenge the court's previous rulings.

While discussing the upcoming episodes of Making A Murderer, Ricciardi explained, "Our plans for additional episodes, the story is clearly not over. Things are happening and we're following those events as they unfold. As you follow things as they're unfolding, you can't predict the future…but that's part of the process."

What do you think we will learn in the second season of Making A Murderer on Netflix?


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