Trailer For Ryan Reynolds' Life Movie Recycles Footage From Spider-Man 3

It's not unheard of for a movie to recycle footage from a previous film in an effort to save time and money. After all, b-roll of concerned citizens is New York City is all the same, right?

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal's new Life movie thinks so.

The film coming from Sony Pictures, the same studio behind the original Spider-Man trilogy, will recycle a shot from the Spider-Man 3.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted an image from Life's trailer which was pulled straight from the 2007 movie which sees panicked citizens in New York City looking to the sky. About 35 minutes into the movie, Spider-Man is saving Gwen Stacy as she falls from a damaged skyscraper.

The image below is the scene as it appeared in Spider-Man 3.


Below is the image seen in a recent trailer for Life.


There are a few noticeable differences between the images. The color-grading is the first big change but some of the extras' faces seem to be moved around, also with the man on the phone in the Life trailer not having any hands up in Spider-Man 3.


The shots might be different but they were both a product of Sony and Columbia Pictures. Fans hoping for a good Ryan Reynolds movie might want to hope for a better outcome than the movie this footage was originally featured in. While the original Spider-Man trilogy is a comic book movie history's more revered franchises, the praise doesn't come from its final chapter.

This is not the first movie to use recycled footage. Michael Bay used the same shot of cars crashing in his The Island and Transformers films.