Get a Butt Like Kourtney Kardashian's With Her 2-Step Booty-Boosting Workout

If you've been looking for the perfect exercises to work your glutes, you're in luck. Kourtney Kardashian is sharing her favorite booty-boosting moves on her website — and we're not passing up this opportunity to add some pro moves to our repertoire.

This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico

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"Ahead of bikini season, I have a handful of exercises I swear by to keep my glutes toned," the 38-year-old mom of three wrote. "The best part? If you have a few key pieces of gear, you can do all of these moves at home."

Kardashian uses a resistance band and a sandbag, but because we're guessing most people don't have a spare sandbag lying around their home gym, go ahead and grab a kettlebell instead.

Leg lifts and kickbacks

For this one, Kardashian says to use a resistance band "that fits around your thighs. Most bands are sold in sets with a selection of different strengths so you can start with the easiest and upgrade as you build muscle."

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"Leg lifts and kick backs are very straightforward, can be done anywhere and are really effective in toning your glutes and quads. Using a resistance band around your thighs with slightly bent knees, keep one foot stationary and kick the other foot straight out to the side of your body, then come back to center. Next, kick your foot directly behind while lifting off the ground, then come back to center. To modify this move and make it slightly easier, you can touch your toe to the ground, instead of lifting."

Do 30 seconds per leg at 5 sets.


Weighted squat cleans

Grab a 15- to 20-pound kettlebell — or if your gym has sandbags, try it out with one of those.


"If I'm really making an effort to get toned, I'll kick things up a notch by doing weighted squat cleans with a kettlebell or sandbag. Lean forward with the weight and slowly lift up. As soon as you pass the knee, accelerate into a squat. You have to be very careful not to let your knees go over your toes when you squat down, so I do this move really slow and controlled."

Do 10 squats at four reps.