Kate Gosselin Blows Up Over Daughters' Sweet 16 Party

Kate Gosselin's twin daughters Mady and Cara turned 16 recently, and their mom planned them one amazing Sweet 16 party. Before the party took place, though, Kate had a bit of a meltdown over the party preparations, as seen on this week's episode of Kate Plus 8.

The mom of eight had an admitted "little stress meltdown" over her girls' party, adding to what she called a tough emotional week as the girls turned 16, Us Weekly shares.

Kate grew increasingly frustrated on the morning of the party, losing her patience as she yelled at her kids.

kate gosselin
(Photo: YouTube / DoctorOz)

"I can't take the arguing about birthday parties," she said. "This is why we don't have parties." An emotional Kate added she wanted the party to be "beautiful" for the girls. "I am so invested in this party," she said.

Kate's daughter Mady tried to help her mom out by telling her that the party wasn't stressful, but Kate didn't agree.

"It is stressful," she said, "because nobody will do anything."

Although the weather didn't cooperate, Kate was able to save the day with a phone call to a friend, securing a new indoor location for the bash. The party ended up a success, with Kate revealing the event was one of her favorites.


"That was my favorite birthday party, including [my own], that I've ever been involved in," she said.

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