Jon Favreau Reteaming With Disney For The Lion King

Disney has experienced incredible success when translating its classic animated features into live action films, and yet another such project has been greenlit, and with a fan favorite in the director's chair.

Walt Disney Studios just confirmed that Jon Favreau, who directed the immensely successful Jungle Book live action film, is reteaming with the studio to direct a live-action reimagining of The Lion King (via The Walt Disney Company). Favreau scored a big hit for the studio with his last directorial effort, as Jungle Book earned over $965 million during its theatrical run. The Lion King will be in addition to the already greenlit Jungle Book sequel, so Favreau will be busy for some time.

The Lion King Favreau

The studio has already translated features like Cinderella, Maleficent, Alice and Wonderland, and Pete's Dragon into live-action franchises, with a Maleficent sequel currently in the works. The studio also has the much-anticipated Beauty and the Beast hitting next year, starring Emma Watson in the lead role.


The Lion King stands out as one of Disney's most renowned animated projects and is still ranked quite highly in terms of box office, as it brought in over $968 million during its theatrical run. The live action film will include songs from the original film, but no word on which ones. Hopefully, it will include fan favorites like "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and "Hakuna Matata".