Jeremy Meeks Returns Home To Los Angeles To Face Wife After Cheating Scandal

After being photographed in Turkey last week kissing Topshop heiress Chloe Green, the "hot felon" Jeremy Meeks is returning home to face his wife of eight years, Melissa Meeks.

On Monday afternoon, the 32-year-old convict turned model was pictured during an intense conversation over the phone. While it is unknown who he was talking at the time, it's possible that he was speaking with his angry wife.

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Meeks was seen in the airport wearing a deep cut black tank top with a matching black hat and pants. While waiting for a ride outside LAX, he was smoking a cigarette as he held a phone to his ear. See the photos of Jeremy Meeks here.

Chloe Green's billionaire father, Sir Philip Green, has spoken out about the situation. The tycoon says that he wishes to stay out of his daughter's romantic affairs.

"With respect, I am not getting involved," he said in a brief comment to The Telegraph.

While Sir Phillip may not want to get involved in the situation, it's possible that he may not think that Jeremy Meeks is the best suitor for his daughter. Jeremy has a documented history of violent behavior and is already married with children.

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Last week, Jeremy faced backlash after being seen sharing an intimate kiss with 26-year-old Chloe Green while on a $145,000-a-week yacht in Bodrum, Turkey.

Despite the scandal, Jeremy took to Instagram to post a photo from the yacht.

All things are possible !!! #bodrum #turkey #boatlife

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After the photos showing Jeremy kissing Chloe surfaced on social media, legions of his fans turned against him.

"And the award for the biggest scumbag of the earth goes to Jeremy," one person wrote.

"What an idiot leaving a woman who held you down for eight years despite everything she's even given you a beautiful child just for you to throw it all away for a bit of fame by going off with a billionaire daughter for more publicity," another commented.

Many of Chloe's supporters even turned on her.

"What you did is disgusting and I, as a Topshop lover, am boycotting it because Chloe knew you were a married man and still helped you cheat," one person wrote.


The backlash became so intense that Chloe chose to delete her Instagram account.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @LovestormGeneration