Homer Simpson Is Addicted To Pokemon GO

It seems no world is safe from Pokemon GO's popular charms. While players all over the world have taken up the dream to become master-class trainers, it seems that a special character from The Simpsons' world has also answered the call.

Recently, FOX's Animation uploaded a video to their Youtube channel entitled "THE SIMPSONS: Pokemon Now?" The clip goes on to prove that Niantic's game has somehow entered the cartoon world and absolutely overtaken Homer Simpson's admittedly scatterbrained thoughts.

The video shows Homer focusing on his phone during an outing to the Springfield Zoo with his children, Bart and Lisa. Poised to capture any pokemon who dare cross his path, Homer catches a Mankey, Diglett, and Grimer with unrealistic ease. Seriously, the famously lazy character is just sitting on a park bench and finds that these creatures are coming to him. Crazy, huh?

Unwilling to look up from his phone, Bart and Lisa go wild as they vie for Homer's attention. Lisa, who's chilling by the giraffe exhibit, tries to get her dad's attention by telling him the mother giraffe is giving birth. Bart, on the other hand, walks a fine line in order to get attention as he balances atop of a wall that surrounds a lion's pit.

Homer, however, isn't having any of their nonsense. Instead, he tells the kids to pipe down and goes on to catch a Rattata, likely the 29th he's caught given the pokemon's prevalence. The befuddled dad then catches a Sandshrew and Drowsy before Lisa whines once more, saying, "Dad, pay attention to your children."


Surprisingly, Homer does give into his daughter's request even if it's begrudgingly at best. However, he goes right back to playing Pokemon GO after Bart pulls a prank on him, prompting Homer to chuck his son back into the ferocious lion pit. What great parenting?

So, what do you guys think about the clip? Is it an accurate representation of how adults are splitting their time between pokemon training and parenting or not? Let us know in the comments below!