‘Here They Lie’ Trailer Gives Horrifying Glimpse Into VR Nightmare

Virtual Reality sounds like a lot of fun … until you put on a headset and turn on Here They Lie.

Little is known about this mysterious virtual reality game, which is set to launch alongside PlayStation VR's debut. But one thing is certain: It's going to be scary.

The title looks like American Horror Story met your worst nightmare, as if that's something we actually want to happen. Okay, maybe we do.

The trailer portrays a woman at a train station, waiting for a train that never comes. Instead, she's trapped in a dark town with spine-chilling characters donning horse masks and walking around looking like they're about to murder someone, which they probably are.

Whatever this game is really about, we're excited for it's release on October 13, but we'll probably play our first few rounds with the lights on.


[ H/T Engadget ]