Happy Birthday Steve Ditko: Creator Of Doctor Strange And Co-Creator Of Spider-Man

Happy Birthday Steve Ditko!

Steve Ditko turns 89 years old today, and he has spent most of his days bringing our favorite comic book characters to life. He is most well-known for creating Doctor Strange, and co-creating Spider-Man with Stan Lee.

Ditko, a native to Pennsylvania, was born in 1927. He was always interested in comics growing up, as he loved looking through the newspaper comic strips that his dad would bring home. He claims that his love of comics was accelarated by the Batman stories in 1940.

Upon graduating high school, Ditko joined the US Army and traveled to Germany in the 1940s. There, he began drawing comics for the Army paper.

In 1950, Steve enrolled in the Cartoonists And Illustrators School to learn under Batman artist Jerry Robinson. While at the institution, Ditko was discovered by Stan Lee.

Ditko spent the rest of his career creating and molding characters for Marvel comics. When he wasn't coming up with new ideas, he was illustrating books for running stories.

We can credit many of our favorite heroes to Steve Ditko, and his life has been a testament to the joy art and comics can bring to the masses.


Happy Birthday, Steve!