Grain Silo Turned Into Giant Minion

Minions Silo
(Photo: CNN)

If you happen to be driving through Ossian, Indiana, don't be surprised if you meet the biggest minion you've ever seen.

That's thanks to the hard work of Kathy Stark and her family, who turned an ordinary looking grain silo into an adorable 25-foot Minion. The Minion's are incredibly popular amongst pretty much all ages, and that popularity extends to Stark's neighbours and tourists from all over the United States who have travelled to see the silo in person.

In an interview with CNN (via Fox 13 Salt Lake City), she talks a bit about the giant Minion, who looks a lot like King Bob, sans the green and brown colored eyes and crown.

"The farmers have all told me I'm the talk of the county," Stark said. "We've had everything from low-flying helicopters, to a guy on his lawn mower that lived in Decatur several miles away that was pulling his wife and his kid in a cart"

As she states in the interview, she happened to find just the right shape silo for the project, and while it took a lot of paint and a great deal of effort, it has continued to elicit a great response from the community. When asked about the response her project has gotten, she said: "Oh it just tickles me pink. I just can't believe the response. I knew people would love it but I had no idea that it was going to turn out as good as it did."


Plus, it's probably a great landmark. Not many are going to forget when you say "just turn right at the giant yellow Minion."