Sons Of Anarchy Star Wants To Return For Mayans MC Spinoff

Hype is building around Mayans MC -- the forthcoming Sons Of Anarchy spin-off series -- and it seems like the actors from the original series would all be eager to bring their characters back.

In an exclusive interview with, former SOA star Kim Dickens revealed that she would love to reprise her role in the spin-off.

After talking about the possible Deadwood revival, we asked the veteran actress about her willingness to bring Colette back to Sons Of Anarchy. Dickens immediately made it clear that she wouldn't hesitate.

"I would absolutely get on board with that. It was an incredible show and i'd be really interested."

Dickens went on to say that she really loved the character Sutter created for her on the show.

Colette was a madame that had a heavy influence on Jackson Teller, and the character had some strong ties to Joanie Stubbs, her legendary character on Deadwood. The actress appreciated how Sutter designed Colette from her previous work, and it only adds to her excitement surrounding a possble return.

"I loved that he [Sutter] brought me back as a madame," Dickens said. "I thought it was pretty clever to bring me back as a modern-day Madame."

The only stumbling block for Dickens reprising her role as Colette is the timing of Mayans MC. Her character was killed in the original series, so she obviously couldn't return if the spin-off took place afterward. However, if the rumors that Mayans MC is a prequel, or has a parallel timeline to SOA, then Colette could easily play a large role.

Many other actors from Sons Of Anarchy have also spoken out about how much they enjoyed working for Kurt Sutter, and none have shied away from the possibility of working with him again.

Emilio Rivera, who starred as Marcus Alvarez on the original series, has been very vocal on his desire to return to the world of SOA. The President of The Mayans has claimed that he is in talks for the role, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Kim Dickens is currently starring in Fear The Walking Dead on AMC, and will being shooting the show's third season in January, 2017.


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