Community Members Raise Huge Amount Of Money For 89-Year-Old Ice Cream Vendor

Dear anyone who complains about their job, this man will make you change your attitude immediately. 89-year-old Fidencio Sanchez has been pushing his ice cream cart around Chicago's streets for 23 years, but has had some trouble with paying his bills lately. We are pleased to say that people are awesome and the community around Sanchez decided to get involved.

(Photo: Facebook / Joel Cervantes Macias)

"I wake up early and all day until 8 at night," Sanchez told ABC affiliate WLS-TV in Chicago. Sanchez had to go back to work because his daughter passed away a few weeks ago and have now taken on the responsibility of two grandchildren:

We thought, 'What are we going to do?' We have to pay the bills. It's really hard working out here in the streets, in the summer and cold winter. Even in bad weather we still have to go out and sell and the carts get stuck in the streets.

The community around Mr. Sanchez decided to pitch in after seeing a Facebook post from Joel Cervantes Macias.

In total, the community raised $138,463 through a GoFundMe page Macias set up. The best part though? Regardless of the donations, Sanchez will continue to work.

Best. Work ethic. Ever.


You can see video footage of Mr. Sanchez here.

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