Carrie Underwood Freaks Out When Husband Lookalike Scares Her On Ellen

There's nothing like a good surprise that makes someone literally jump out of their chair and scream. Ellen DeGeneres is the master of pulling this trick off on her show. And what better time to do it than when longtime guest Carrie Underwood comes back for her 10th appearance?

Underwood is a regular on the show and started appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show right after her 2005 American Idol win. Since then, she's come back almost every year. So for her 10th return Ellen wanted to give her something for the occasion. Earrings? No. New guitar? No. A framed picture of her first appearance maybe? Nope. Carrie Underwood got a scare for her 10th time on the show. A Nashville Predators lookalike of Mike Fisher erupts from the chair side table and makes her scream to no end. He then scurries offstage.

Be wary viewers, it's a pretty good scare that will make you jump.

Well played, Ellen. Well played.


[H/T EW]