Bride-To-Be And Tech Boss Die In Fiery Tesla Car Wreck

A young bride-to-be and her tech entrepreneur boss tragically died after their Tesla Model S crashed into a tree and burst into flames.

Casey Speckman, 27, and her boss Kevin McCarthy, 44, were traveling at high rate of speed when the vehicle slammed into a tree. McCarthy was behind the wheel and Speckman in the passenger seat as the car "bounced around" before exploding into a "big ball of fire." McCarthy died in the wreck, and Speckman was rushed to an are hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

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(Photo: Daily Mail)

The crash was so violent the wheels were ripped right off the chassis off the Model S. Police say the impact damaged the electric car's batteries, leading to the fire.

Speckman was due to marry her fiancé Brandon Seniff next year.

"We have experienced and supported each other through all the great times, traumatic and sad times," the couple wrote about their future on their wedding website. "We have graduated college, graduated law school, obtained first and second jobs ... living together and living apart, got a sweet puppy, bought a condominium in Indianapolis ... and did it all together! We have been through nearly a decade of our lives together and are so excited to see what the future decades hold!"

Speckman's friends were devastated when they heard the news of her death.

"It's all very, very sad," Cody Rivers said. "My heart breaks for Brandon; I can only imagine what he's going through."

Tesla issued a statement after the crash and is cooperating with the police investigation, noting the Model S' semiautonomous autopilot system was not active when the crash occurred.


"We are deeply saddened to hear that this accident involved fatalities," Tesla said.

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