Billionaire Mark Cuban Has The Perfect ‘Stink Eye’ Ready For Donald Trump

Mark Cuban has a knack for getting under Donald Trumps' skin, and tonight's debate could be the perfect opportunity for him to unleash his practiced "stink eye" from the front row.

"I knew that it would get under his skin and drive him crazy. Mission accomplished," Cuban said before the debate started.

Now, Cuban says he's not exactly planning on giving The Donald the stink eye, but that doesn't mean he's not prepared.

"I'm not here to cause a scene," Cuban assured. "I'm not here to jump up and down. Donald will do that on his own. He didn't need any help from anybody else. He's kind of a big boy, you know, sometimes, and he'll say what he's going to say."

Reporters insisted on seeing Cuban's stink eye, and the billionaire happily obliged. Check out the menacing stare in the video below:


[ H/T Bipartisan Report ]