Anna Duggar Could Be Considering Divorcing Husband Josh

Counting On stars Josh and Anna Duggar may finally be calling it quits.

The reality TV duo faced turbulent times when Josh cheated on Anna, and while Anna originally vowed to stick by her husband, it seems she's recently had a change of heart.

"She will see a lawyer in the next few weeks to have divorce papers drawn up so she can rid herself of Josh," an insider said.

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(Photo: Daily Mail)

It's a dramatic shift for the family, who are known for their strict moral values. Anna supported Josh through his cheating and molestation scandals, pornography addiction and his stint in religious rehab. But when friends confronted Anna over her position in the family, she'd finally had enough.

Anna's friends told her they thought she was being used as a "puppet" to improve their children's public image.

"Hearing those outside views changed Anna incredibly,' sources shared, adding that she "agrees and feels angry that Josh has treated her so appallingly for so long."

Now, Anna is looking at divorce, and is seeking sole custody of their four children. If successful, she plan to move to Florida to be with friends and family, or Texas to be with her sister.


While Anna doesn't know exactly where she'll end up going, she does know one thing for sure: She "wants to be as far away from Josh as possible."

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