America's Got Talent Magician Jon Dorenbos Ends Up With Third-Place Finish

Philedelphia Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos has amazed the America's Got Talent audience and judging panel with his mastery of magic. Unfortunately, he did not make it all the way to the finish line on the season 11 finale. He came in third-place, with less than 1% of the votes separating the final three contestants.

(Photo: Twitter / @JensenAckles)

Singer and ukelelist Grace VanderWaal took first place and also brought home $1 million with a chance to headline in Las Vegas.

Although Dorenbos didn't bring home the win, he did have a massive amount of support from his Eagles teammates, coaches, and community. Not only did he have support from his local community, but other big name players in the NFL like Aaron Rodgers supported him as well. Why? Look at this lovable guy!

Dorenbos made his America's Got Talent debut with a jaw-dropping card trick that would impress even David Copperfield:

For Dorenbos' return a few weeks later, he busted out another card trick and got the highly covetted Golden Buzzer treatment:

Dorenbos then locked in the fan vote with a wild artistic prediction for each judge on the panel:

He then got creative and used footballs as props in his act to get him to the finale:

And for his final trick, Dorenbos used a personal story to touch both the audience and panel:

It was sad to see Dorenbos make such a lasting impression on all of us with not just his mind-boggling magic tricks, but his lively, jovial personality. He was a genuine fun person to watch on TV. But finishing in third-place will not stop a man with this much drive. There is no doubt that we will see him again. His loss can be summed in one tweet...

Well said Merrill Reese. You couldn't be more right.


[H/T CSN Philly]