Alien: Covenant: Prometheus Character Rumored to Return

Alien: Covenant is cultivating a healthy mystique - and then, using that mystique to tease fans with trickles of information. We've recently learned about new Xenomorph forms, Michael Fassbender playing two android characters and today, we hear that a character from Prometheus could be making a return for Covenant.

Needless to say, Possible Alien: Covenant Spoilers Ahead!





AVP is reporting that Prometheus actor Guy Pearce is returning for Alien: Covenant as Peter Weyland, head of Weyland Industries. Obviously the format of Pearce's appearance will be different, as Weyland (the old man who stowed away aboard the Prometheus) was old, feeble and killed during the doomed expedition to the Engineers' outpost.

According to, the moment of Weyland's appearance occurs at the beginning of Alien: Covenant, in which we witness the "birth" of Michael Fassbender's android character, David. The scene evolves into David playing music (Richard Wagner's "Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla") while he and Weyland discuss the nature of gods, man, creation and the results of that creation. It is indicated that this philosophical discussion will provide the framework for David's actions in Alien: Covenant, while helping to explain Weyland's motivation for launching the Prometheus mission in the first place.

Guy Pearce Weyland Alien Covenant
(Photo: Fox )

For Alien fans, this opening may not sound like the most exciting or promising way to begin things. It sounds like the sort of creation theory pseudo-philosophy we got at the beginning of Prometheus; not something fans want to necessarily see repeated in Alien: Covenant. An action-packed scene helping to bridge the two films (like what happens to Noomi Rapace's Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, or how David got a new working body) would probably be a better approach.

But hey, we're not making this film. It's up to Ridley Scott to (finally) get his Alien prequel story right.


Alien: Covenant will be in theaters on August 4, 2016.