Aaron Carter Quits Twitter, Continues to Tweet

Like many celebrities, Aaron Carter receives his fair share of Internet hate, and it seems trolls got to the singer as he told his followers on Monday that he would be quitting social media.

"Be safe my loves I'm sorry but I can't do this twitter social media stuff right now," he wrote. "I'll check in with you in a few months."

Carter shared the message after receiving a slew of negative comments about his appearance on an Instagram posted by Elvis Duran & The Morning Show's account, as the singer appeared on the show Monday.

The 29-year-old also posted a note to fans in which Carter said he was praying for those with terminal illnesses.

Carter's vow of silence didn't last long, however, as he resumed tweeting almost immediately after discussing his break.

He later shared a message addressing his absence, writing, "Yea so what I decided to NOT quit twitter & stay strong w focus. If I can't take the heat I need to get out of the kitchen..I live for fire."

"Well I'm back," Carter added in a response to a tweet. "I'm not gonna let trolls get the best of me. PERIOD."

The singer recently made headlines when he revealed he was bisexual, a factor he said attributed to his recent breakup with ex Madison Parker.


"She didn't accept what I was going to say, and she left me," he told Duran on Monday in an emotional interview. "Now I'm just trying to do what I have to do."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @aaroncarter