55-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Man To Ever Play Division 1 College Football

Joe Thomas Sr. enrolled in South Carolina State the same year that his son, Joe Jr., did with the hopes that the two could play football on the same team. When Joe Jr. moved to the NFL to be a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, Joe Sr. stuck around in hopes of one day taking the field. Joe Sr. achieved that goal Saturday when he took the ball and ran for three yards.

Although it wasn't a fantastical last minute play that resulted in a game-winning touchdown, you can't help but admire Thomas' commitment to enrolling in the university with his son and sticking with it. I'm sure that were I to play even a single down in college football, it would be a loss of yards, so good on Joe Sr. for being brave enough to willingly get tackled by people 35 years his junior.


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