24: Legacy Has A Touching Easter Egg From The Original Series

The first episode of 24: Legacy debuted just after this year's Super Bowl, and it's as awesome and action-packed as fans of the original show would expect.

While Jack Bauer and his team are absent from the new show, the pilot episode did have a very brief connection to the original CTU team. If you weren't listening for it, you probably missed it.

When Andy was talking to Gia - the young analyst at CTU - about her qualifications, she challenges him. The girl has some spunk, and the scene showed that she can go toe-to-toe with the veterans of the organization.

When she shot back at Andy, Gia unveiled her surprising connection to Jack Buer's friends in 24.

"You know my cousin was Edgar Stiles." Gia continued, "One of the best analysts CTU ever had. Taught me more than you could've ever learned at Stanford."

If you're a big fan of 24, you'll know the name of Edgar Stiles. The lovable analyst was a fan-favorite character in seasons four and five, but was tragically killed towards the end of the latter season.

(Photo: FOX)

This little throwback comment was a great way for the show-runners to pay respect to the original series, while finding a great way to stand on their own.

The only character from 24 that's confirmed to appear in Legacy is Tony Almeida, the agent-turned-villain. There has been no word as to when he will be on the show.


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24: Legacy will return to FOX Monday night, at 8 pm ET.