Watch Luke Bryan and Darius Rucker Perform Brooks & Dunn on the Grand Ole Opry

Luke Bryan and Darius Rucker performed at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night as part of the Opry's annual Saturday night broadcasts, and the two friends played their own hits as well as a cover, performing Brooks & Dunn's hit "Neon Moon" toward the end of their set. After sharing an update on his corn situation, Bryan remarked that it's "amazing" to be singing after having not performed for some time, explaining that his voice doesn't feel tired like it normally does when he's on tour.

"Our voices feel so good, let's pretend like we're Ronnie Dunn for a second," Rucker said, citing Dunn's legendary vocals before Bryan joked, "They don't feel that good." The duo's band, as well as Bryan on acoustic guitar, then launched into "Neon Moon," Rucker beginning the song before the pair began switching lines. Watch the duo's performance beginning at around an hour and 26 minutes in the video above.

Bryan and Rucker's performance was the Grand Ole Opry's 4,937th consecutive Saturday night broadcast. Along with "Neon Moon," Bryan performed hits including "Play It Again," recent single "One Margarita" and the title track from his new album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, while Rucker offered cuts including "Wagon Wheel" and his new single "Beers and Sunshine." Jon Pardi, Pam Tillis and Runaway June will perform next week on the Opry.

"I think it's really important for me to get on that stage and feel the emotions of what the Opry is," Bryan recently reflected to and other media. "I know I get criticized on what my music is — based on the parameters of what maybe country is — but as long as I'm allowed to bring my version of music and my version of country music to the Opry, I'm always honored by that, and I'm always proud of it. I'm also always proud to try to stand on stage and do classic songs that honor our heroes. And there's nowhere more poignant and fun than to do that on stage at the Opry."


The Georgia native made his Opry debut in 2007 and shared that the performance was one of the three "most challenging things" he's ever done during his career. "The three most challenging things I've ever done in entertainment is singing the anthem at the Super Bowl, the first time I did the CMAs, a full performance, and certainly walking on stage at the Opry," he said. "It's truly out of body, where you don't even know how your brain keeps up with what's going on in your surroundings. So the Opry was definitely that."