Exclusive: Uncle Si & the Sicotics Open Up About Future as a Band

Si Robertson is perhaps best known for his role on the reality TV show, Duck Dynasty, but he is also a musician. The 70-year-old, who was part of the 2013 Christmas album, Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas, is back with new music, and a new band.

Uncle Si & the Sicotics, which includes Robertson, his daughter-in-law Marsha Robertson, and singer-songwriter Bridgette Tatum, have released a self-titled EP, which includes their current single, "As Seen on TV."

"After Duck Dynasty went off, I got used to a lot of stuff," Robertson tells PopCulture.com of his decision to return to music. "I got to start making me some money somewhere. But I just chose the wrong industry to really make a lot of money."

Robertson formed the trio, unsure of what the future would like like, but knowing he had a great team to support his endeavors.

"It was fun," says Tatum. "It was a great way, I think, to introduce what he was doing and what we're collectively doing together because everybody doesn't know that he can sing. Everybody doesn't know that part of him, but they know the story telling part of him. So it was great way to be able to introduce the music, and kind of make a transition form TV into music."

Their single, recorded in one take, became a humorous way to reflect on the current state of affairs in the country, and became the perfect way to kick off their latest project.

"I've been writing songs here for going on 15, 20 years," shares Tatum. "And I'm like, 'It just makes sense for us to have a song 'As Seen on TV'.' But then the more I thought about it, the funnier it got. I'm like, "This would be a great way for him to finish the stories out from the show."

Their time in the studio showed the threesome that they had something special and unique, which was worth pursuing as a full-time career.

"From that moment forward, it was march on and let's go after this, and let's do this together," Tatum recalls. "And let's do it for the right reasons, and let's try to make some good music that people can love. And hopefully people will love us back, and we can make that friendship happen between those speakers and that audience."

Robertson says he isn't ruling out another return to TV, whether it would be a return of Duck Dynasty or another show, but for now he is focusing on the future of Uncle Si & the Sicotics.

"I think there's a lot of goals that we want to meet as a band," Robertson says. "I would love to see that we finish this record out, because I would love to see what we could write beyond what we've got. I think everybody believes it to be just this funny thing, and there's a lot of that on there.

"But there's also some moments that happen on there that are really important, and I would love just to be able to have the opportunity that we can all write together some more and see how deep we can go, and what we can put on there as a valuable song for people to listen to and it say something to them," he concludes. "So I would love to see the record get finished out. That would be amazing."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/unclesisicotics